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0:31Shaq Started Dancing In A Random Fan's TikTok 😂 #shorts
0:09Lonzo Ball Makes Insane Workout Look Easy 🔥 #shorts
Lonzo Ball Makes Insane Workout Look Easy 🔥 #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 344 ming7 kun oldin
2:09Khris Middleton Speech at The Bucks 2021 Championship Parade
2:23Brook Lopez Speech at The Bucks 2021 Championship Parade
1:39Jrue Holiday Speech at The Bucks 2021 Championship Parade


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  • Basketball is funny every decade has that one player who is great but just can’t get over the hump and become champion. I was thinking of Paul I kinda felt for him but I didn’t really care this year

  • Now Giannas should jump to a bigger market look what he did his star is shining and should take advantage of that .

  • Such a plum kd

  • Don't care what nobody says DeAndre,s dunk is the best dunk of all time

  • TUFF

  • Look at curry man so inspirational

  • 1:26 That move was almost "Jordan-esque."

  • Book ain’t nice

  • The way this man moves

  • Fucking surreal man, damn!

  • Lol 😆 look at her face

  • Remember when Sixers fans said Embiid deserved the MVP over Jokic?

  • The scared chin continuously shave because coast ignificantly decide during a squeamish poland. astonishing, filthy chin

  • Booker > PG

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  • Why does Charlie puth look like Anthony padilla?

  • Dirks pull up jumper and fadeaway was aesthetic.

  • This is the tiny thing that the news made into a huge deal. Legit was nothing

  • Crazy that the Bucks were given no chance of winning this series after this game & now they’re champs.

  • Cade Cunningham seems very mature and composed

  • LeBron better than these 2 bums combine.

  • What happened lebron's was only the goat I thought he would have won against the suns

  • Cade Cunningham is about to be MVP in 3 years 2 Getting Retired again in the city

  • Here after he’s a laker

  • Everybody loves Shaq!!!

  • Jesus loves you

  • Durant is mad bunns yo

  • L

  • Him, Lavine and Vuc boutta beat the Nets in 6

  • Wow basketball was amazing back then I missed so much Bc I’m young I ain’t really get to see it 😭

  • Welcome to the lakeshow brodie

  • Plot Twist : He's just jon and he is saying the most creative line ever made "She's muh queen!!! "

  • She's so adorable.

  • and they still ain’t gon win the championship i bet on that🤣

  • I wish we could trade lebron and bring Kobe back

  • Mvp!

  • After 6:14 now I Know why there hasn't been a part 3


  • This aged well

  • Pretty sure some forget that this was where Bron's legacy was truly TRULY at stake. At this point he won no championships and just came off a horrific Finals performance after creating the superteam. They were on the brink of elimination where they had to play Bron's long time rival at their own stadium. And he responded with probably his greatest playoff performance ever. Greatness

  • Lol

  • "No ITS NOT!!!" I swear they were siblings😂😂😂

  • bruh this title clickbait

  • Damn he really killed Toronto's championships like 3 times 😂

  • so sick of hearing about how bad the Raptors defense was, how about the 60 points he dropped in 3 quarters vs the #1 ranked Mavs D that year? 3 Quarters because he wasn't needed in 4th!

  • People who bring up the Finals record are stupid because LeBron has played against 26 hall of famers in the Finals while MJ only played against 9

  • Thybulle foul ruined the game tbh

  • Klay Thompson Turns Into Tristan.. ✌️😂🤣

  • 2:05

  • 0:50

  • I feel like he media is trying to make a narrative off that one statement Harden made when they were both being petty with one another. The league respects Giannis very much so.

  • Tht smile on her face ❤️

  • Probably the most disrespectful is that one Kemp dunk

  • Michael jordan #1 Kobe is a better player than James any day the guy is a god, I hate LeBron James

  • *breaks ankles* Dame: idk I went right and I guess he tripped... ahahaaa His laugh killed me 💀

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🤣💀💀

  • 💪🙌👌

  • She was great in GOT, I wanted her to get the throne.

  • I love it when people's eyes disappear when they genuinely smile. It's impossible for Emilia to be more adorable.

  • Devin got that 40-year old grown-man voice. 😂 It doesn’t match the baby-face. 😂

  • Lil baby be like... I just want y'all to let me do me.. real kat here bro.. 💪